Thank you for visiting the website of the American Chemical Society (ACS)  Nigeria International Chemical Sciences Chapter .

ACS Nigeria International Chemical Sciences Chapter (ACS-NICSC) is one of the sixteen approved ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters. The others are from the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Peru Romania, Saudi Arabia, Shanghai, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Southwestern China (candidate).

It was officially inaugurated in December 2015 with about 30 members and three student chapters. However, the chapter had started series of activities before this time.

ACS-NICSC in collaboration with the ACS Office of International Activities organized and hosted the first “Festival of Chemistry” in Africa and seventh globally after Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico and China. Other activities supported, planned, implemented and/or participated in include:

  • Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED)
  • Global Innovation Imperative (GII)
  • The strategic goals of the events

These activities have been used as tools to network, share experiences, educate, inform and motivate chemical professionals, young enthusiasts, and increase membership. The Chapter won the Global ChemLuminary award at the 252nd ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday, August 23 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Terrace Ballroom One. It is the vision of the chapter to be one of the most vibrant international chapters in Africa.


The principal mission of the Chapter is to provide a platform for all ACS members in Nigeria to:

  • Communicate chemistry and chemical technology effectively among members and non members (the general public),
  • Establish a strong and professional relationship with ACS Units, such as the ACS International office and other International Science Chapters and ACS Divisions, and
  • Assist the Society in accomplishing its international strategic plans.


  • To promote and support chemistry and its practitioners like professors, researchers, and teachers .
  • To develop essential skills for members through seminars, workshop, resource and intellectual engagement.
  • To provide centre for excellence for the chemical professional ethics among members and heighten awareness of this profession to the communities and industries.
  • To advance broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of the earth and its people.


1. Prof Joshua Ayoola OBALEYE, Chapter Chair; Email: jobaleye@yahoo.com; Tel:+2348033582048.

2. Dr. Edu J. INAM, Vice-Chairman; Email: eduinam235@gmail.com ; Tel: +2348181750861

3. Dr. Thompson Izuagie, Secretary; Email: tomyi2012@yahoo.com; Tel:+2349066942275

4. Dr. Tolulope FASINA, Treasurer; Email: tofefash@yahoo.ca; Tel:+2348023063409


All registered Nigerian members of the American Chemical Society are automatically members of the Nigerian Chapter.

A Nigerian Chapter yearly dues of 10,000 naira is applicable for  the administration of the chapter.